Product :-

Thirst due to excess of heat, urine trouble due to heat and over heat due to small-pox will be cured with palm candy.

Thirst                           :  Take candy and drink water

Urine trouble and heat  :  Mix candy with water or milk or other drinks

Cough and Cold           :   Good remedy for cough and cold.

Weight & Packaging – Palm Candy by D. Bhar is available in attractive plastic and glass bottle in 50 gms, 100 gms, 200 gms. 400 gms, 500 gms & 1 kg.
50gms 50gms
50 Gms.
100gms 100gms
100 Gms.
200gms 200gms
200 Gms.
400gms 400gms
400 Gms.
500gms 500gms
500 Gms.
1 Kg
1 Kg.